Mykonian Sun: A Journey of Love, Inspiration, and Family in the World of Tanning & Suncare

Mykonian Sun: A Journey of Love, Inspiration, and Family in the World of Tanning & Suncare


In the warm embrace of the Mykonian sun, my love for Greece and its enchanting islands birthed a business fueled by passion and a desire to share the essence of those sun-soaked moments. Year after year, my connection to the country, its lifestyle, and the sheer joy of being there ignited the spark that led to the creation of our family-owned company.

Our venture is more than just a business; it's a reflection of the vibrant Greek culture, the beaches, and the warmth of its people. The inspiration drawn from the annual escapes to the Greek islands became the foundation for a brand that encapsulates the spirit of sun-kissed living.

At the heart of our company is a commitment to well-being, self-care, and quality products to name a few. Our tanning accelerators, enriched with peptides, not only enhance your skin but also promote a holistic sense of vitality and wellbeing. We believe in the power of self-love, and our products are crafted to be an extension of that philosophy.

Eco Tan is another part of our business, for us; it's a promise to tread lightly on the Earth. We are dedicated to sustainable practices that echo the eco-conscious spirit of the Greek islands. Sunkissed embodies the radiant glow our products offer, a testament to the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Love and lifestyle intertwine seamlessly in our offerings, inviting you to embrace a wellness journey that transcends mere ‘tanning’. The scent of our products is a nostalgic voyage, instantly transporting you back to the Greek islands, capturing the essence of your favorite sun-soaked memories.

As a family business, we understand the importance of connection and shared experiences. Our brand is not just about the products; it's an invitation to join a community that celebrates family, love, and the joy of living life to the fullest.
So, let Mykonian Sun be more than a tanning accelerator; let it be a gateway to the Greek islands, a vessel of well-being, and a celebration of family, love, and a sun-kissed lifestyle.

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