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Really works! And keeps your real tan strong instead of fading away quick. The packaging is beautiful
Highly recommend

Greatest Tanning & Suncare on the Market!

Whilst it is suggested to wear 30+ or 50+ suncreen, all these have a myriad of not so good ingredients! Mykoniansun products used in conjunction with the SPF 10+, with all great natural ingredients, allow a healthy tan without burning or sun damage if used correctly and sun exposure is limited to an hour or two before reapplying! Safe, natural giving the best in protection plus allowing a healthy tanned glow! Do yourself a huge favour and give the Mykoniansun products a try, after that, you'll never use anything else again!
Shane, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Works wonders! I love love love this product

Shane Scanlon
Magnificent, safe natural tanning essentials

The Mykoniansun Tanning Summer Kit is your ideal Summer tanning trio of oil, SPF tanning lotion and Accelerant lotion for before, during and after sun exposure, all neatly pulled together in a great carry bag! I have been using the Mykoniansun products for a few years now and I can't recommend their products highly enough!

Great Product

I have been using these products for 2 summers now and I just love them. The go on smooth, smell great and give a fantastic result with my tan. There is no greasy residue and one bottle lasts for ever. I will continue to use the great Mykonian Sun range for many summers to come. Thank you for creating something that really works.

Amazing product

Your product is amazing! I returned from Greece 2.5 months ago but have been able to maintain my tan using your product!

Glowing reviews for these amazing products!

Myokskin's SPF Lotions and Tanning Oil are a winning combination for anyone looking for a safe and effective way to achieve a gorgeous, natural tan. These products offer the best of both worlds, providing sun protection and a beautiful tan without compromising the health of your skin. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a radiant sun-kissed look with peace of mind. Myokskin has certainly earned a permanent place in my beach bag! And it is also vegan friendly which is important to me!

Highly recommended tanning products

This is for sure the #1 tanning product you will find. I’ve been using Mykonian sun for quite some time and haven’t stopped since. I usually apply the lotion as a daily moisturiser to build my melanin production & use all products when i’m out in the sun. The products smell SO good!! They absorb straight into the skin and give you a deep, bronzed and effortless tan with minimal sun exposure. Cannot recommend these products enough! 🤍🧿

Definitely Recommend

The best product I have ever used! Not only does the sun tanning lotion leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturised, it gives you that European summer glow you’ve always wanted! I use it daily and it really helps with my tan while having soft skin at the same time! I’ve recommended this product to all my friends and they’ve said the same thing! Very happy with the results - 10/10 products.

Best products EVA.

I can't tell you enough how wonderful Mykonian Sun products are, my tan has lasted since last year and as to keep the sunkissed look will keep buying the accelerate lotion . One happy customer and tanner . 👙Bring on summer ⛱️ .

Tanning Power Duo


they are very good products. perfect basics 💋♥️🥰🥰

Amazing products!

I'm an ocean lifeguard in the states and I was looking to be more bronze for an upcoming trip. I used the products for a week and I have received so many compliments about my complexion and I have been in the sun for years! it took my tan to another level!

Sun Tan Lotion
Katie Barker
The best tanning enhancer

Amazing smell, feel, results! No US chemical crap in it.

Best Tanning Products Found in a While!

I have tried all the drug store tanning oil and lotions and then all the way to the expensive luxury self tanning mousses, oils and lotions to keep my tan all year round.

I had noticed this product a couple times on IG and was skeptical. I eventually just bought the duo to try both the oil and lotion and LET ME TELL YOU ... the best best best set of products ever. The oil is amazing and love it when I am having a pool day in the sun - not overly greasy, gets deep color fast. But for the everyday, the lotion is the best. No color, no greasy feeling, no streaking, very hydrating. I apply it in the morning and night after my shower and within the first month of using it my tan hasn't faded at all.

I went to Florida for a long weekend, and used this lotion exclusively and let me tell you, it looked like I had a month stay. Loved it so much, I had to buy the duo of the lotion because it has become part of my everyday routine.

Recommended to multiple people that ask what I have done to maintain my tan while having an inpatient healthcare job.

10/10 reccomend!!!

Working a Treat 👍🏽😍

In Bali and loving the results so far!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Feels Amazing!!

Super Hydrating and feels amazing when applied!


Truly no.1 fan of the Mykonian Sun POWER DUO! The oil and lotion works amazingly together! Thank you for such a great, honest product!


This is quality stuff right here. It just feels amazing on my skin, super hydrating and does exactly what it says it’s meant to do!


Wow this oil got me super super dark!!

O haven’t payed out in the sun yet, so not much sun exposure other then the normal day to day. But I do love the way the lotion makes my skin feel. I will post another review after my trip to Vegas.

Absolutely love this product I’ve only have used the lotion so far and I am like been out in the sun. It looks like for weeks can’t help but wanting to try the oil now it’s already 105 here in Lake Havasu city Arizona. U.S.A. Love that it doesn’t streak there’s no orange color it’s like I got this tropical tan and I was a white boy before but now I like a little bit more of a surfer and tan damn anyways I would recommend this to anybody if anything, I am a skeptic, but now I am convinced and will be ordering as soon as I’m out of what I have. Thank you keep on rockin.

This stuff is just magical half an hour in the sun and it looks like I have been on a 3 weeks Bali holiday!

Best tan ever! Beautiful deep colour, easy to apply🤎

Definitely my number 1 tanning product! I absolutely love the smell, feel and results of this amazing lotion. I apply before, while I’m in the sun and after I have a shower at night. Love Mykonian Sun ☀️