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Non greasy and seems to do what it should do. Love it just wish it did not take so long to ship to the USA.

My boyfriend & I both love!

This is the best tanning product I've used ever, I'm naturally quite fair, and I'm feeling so confident after my 10 day holiday with a bronze glow! Usually, 10 days is not enough for me to develop a tan but with Mykonian Sun, I noticed results within the first day of using! My boyfriend also loved using the product as it's not as oily as other tanning products and doesn't give you that extreme oily feel and look. Results pictured! A summer essential but also a holiday essential if you're going away somewhere sunny!

All you need for your Tanning Session

This is such a gorgeous product! I absolutely love that it has the tanning peptide Element to it, as well as some protection! My results were fantastic. Smells stunning as a bonus.

Game changer!!

Absolutely love this tan accelerant lotion! It's been a game-changer for me, allowing me to achieve a gorgeous tan with minimal sun exposure. It feels great on the skin, doesn't leave any greasy residue, and smells amazing. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a safer way to get that sun-kissed glow!

Beautiful Products!

This Summer Kit is just AMAZING! I used all three bottles throughout our Aussie summer and let me just say this stuff really does work!!! I am very fair and could not believe the beautiful colour I managed to achieve with consistent use. The lotion feels devine on the skin as well as the SPF and the oil is just magic and smells delicious! I can’t wait to use again in Europe this summer! 🩵

Love everything about the product & brand!

I tried Melanoboost before discovering Mykonian Sun, and it does not compare. It works insanely well. I love Mykonian Sun products, they feel amazing on the skin, smell like absolute holiday heaven, and it is nice having the option to pick up as I’m local to Melbourne. I also love supporting local & smaller businesses! I went through a whole bottle in just a few weeks and will be ordering the 3x packs in future!! big love

Great products, smells devine.

Smells and feels great. Really does as described!

It works !

I’ tan very easily but this is next level ! I apply it first let it do its magic then apply my SPF. Less time in the sun only now I have a m amazing deeper tan . Love it


I have been using this for 2 years and it gives me instant colour without the burn! It's just a fabulous product! Kudos to the science behind it! Love it!

Love this stuff

Obsessed 😍😍

Looove these products

I have used these products and recommended them to so many I know stock them 🤍🙏

Really works! And keeps your real tan strong instead of fading away quick. The packaging is beautiful
Highly recommend

Greatest Tanning & Suncare on the Market!

Whilst it is suggested to wear 30+ or 50+ suncreen, all these have a myriad of not so good ingredients! Mykoniansun products used in conjunction with the SPF 10+, with all great natural ingredients, allow a healthy tan without burning or sun damage if used correctly and sun exposure is limited to an hour or two before reapplying! Safe, natural giving the best in protection plus allowing a healthy tanned glow! Do yourself a huge favour and give the Mykoniansun products a try, after that, you'll never use anything else again!
Shane, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Works wonders! I love love love this product

Shane Scanlon
Magnificent, safe natural tanning essentials

The Mykoniansun Tanning Summer Kit is your ideal Summer tanning trio of oil, SPF tanning lotion and Accelerant lotion for before, during and after sun exposure, all neatly pulled together in a great carry bag! I have been using the Mykoniansun products for a few years now and I can't recommend their products highly enough!

Great Product

I have been using these products for 2 summers now and I just love them. The go on smooth, smell great and give a fantastic result with my tan. There is no greasy residue and one bottle lasts for ever. I will continue to use the great Mykonian Sun range for many summers to come. Thank you for creating something that really works.

Amazing product

Your product is amazing! I returned from Greece 2.5 months ago but have been able to maintain my tan using your product!


This is the best stuff hands down

Glowing reviews for these amazing products!

Myokskin's SPF Lotions and Tanning Oil are a winning combination for anyone looking for a safe and effective way to achieve a gorgeous, natural tan. These products offer the best of both worlds, providing sun protection and a beautiful tan without compromising the health of your skin. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a radiant sun-kissed look with peace of mind. Myokskin has certainly earned a permanent place in my beach bag! And it is also vegan friendly which is important to me!

Highly recommended tanning products

This is for sure the #1 tanning product you will find. I’ve been using Mykonian sun for quite some time and haven’t stopped since. I usually apply the lotion as a daily moisturiser to build my melanin production & use all products when i’m out in the sun. The products smell SO good!! They absorb straight into the skin and give you a deep, bronzed and effortless tan with minimal sun exposure. Cannot recommend these products enough! 🤍🧿